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My Own Little World Records

Music with diversity and integrity

Team Biographies


Vocalist/New Artist

Taurée is dope!” That’s the initial fan response after hearing him for the first time as a featured artist on 2017’s The Great Escape (John Van Ness/My Own Little World Records). Taurée, (born May 11th, 1994) is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York. While technically considered a tenor, Taurée possesses a unique voice that has no boundaries – a vocal Swiss army knife. His pristine falsettos and multi-octave range often find him mistaken for a female.

Descent, Taurée’s first album with MOLWR, will be released in the summer of 2018. While he has recorded and released projects on his own, he considers Descent to be his officialdebut. “Descent is the first legitimate representation of my music,” explained Taurée. “This project is a completely different approach for me. Working with a producer has been eye an opening experience. Having a team makes the work far less stressful and more successful. It’s great to have another person in the mix to bounce ideas off.”

Taurée describes Descent as being about “a boy maturing - losing innocence inevitably through life experiences and transforming into something far different than ,” said Taurée. “The songs are very personal and real so I think listeners will relate to my experiences and these songs.”

Inspired by the soulful stylings of artists like Prince, R. Kelly, Alicia Keys and Maxwell, Taurée discovered his musical talents at an early age. “I realized I could sing in kindergarten when I Believe I can Fly came out. It’s something I continue to work on though”

Taurée’s new music will be available in the near future but in the meantime you can hear him as the featured vocalist on three songs from The Great Escape (Ooh No, I Can’t Hide and February). Stay tuned for more news and updates.

.John Van Ness


John's motivation for starrting MOLWR was to keep diveristy, quality and integrity alive in today's music. As a reocording engineer, producer, writer and musician, John has many credits to his name. He also was co-founder of SoulRock band Van Ness.

John loves sports (NY Mets and Cleveland Browns) and his dog Hennessy!

Favorite Artists:

Prince, Neil Finn/Crowded House, Seal, Stevie Wonder, King's X, Amel Larrieux, Van Hunt, Rahsaan Patterson and Jimi Hendrix

Productioin Credits:

Josh Sallo - Josh Sallo - 2007

A Tall Tale on Johnson Road - Brett Fuentes - 2008

DNA ( '08) Discovering the Universe - Joshua Van Ness ('11)

We the People - Mikey Arto 2013

Someday Sessions - Joshua Van Ness & MOR - 2014

The Great Escape - John Van Ness - 2017

Joshua Van Ness

MOLWR's first Artist!

Joshua’s music borrows a little from the past, and projects an image of the future. The result is a perfect soundtrack for our times; sound that reflects our changing political climate, global economic struggles, rapidly advancing technology and, most importantly, the need to forget all of that stuff and just have FUN!

Joshua’s honest, heart felt lyrics are a cross between poetry and conversation. His voice has the raspy, soulful quality of Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes) or Seal delivered with urgency that can be compared to artists like Splender, Van Hunt and Foo Fighters.

Joshua's debut, full length solo album, DNA, (released independently in November of 2008) garnered rave reviews and earned several awards and accolades. The album was named to's top 5 albums of 2008. In 2009, the lead track, "Get together," earned an Asbury Park Music Awards nomination for Song of the Year.

Mikey Jahbree Wooley (Formerley Mikey Arto)

MOLWR's 2nd Artist!

Updated 12/08/14 - We are proud to announce that Mikey Arto has choosen to go write and release music under his birth name, Mikey Jahbree Wooley.

Mikey Arto is a 18 year old folk and alternative singer/songwriter from Bridgewater, NJ.. His debut EP, We the People, releeased byMOLWR during the summer of 2013, has garnered rave reviews and came in at number 38 on's best of 2013 list.

Favorite Artists - Ani DiFranco, Tracey Chapman, Joan Jett, Bob Dylan

Hennessy Van Ness

She's a Dog!!

Born on June 21 2010. Hennessy made her recording debut as the featured barker on the song, I'm Sorry from Someday Sessions (Joshua Van Ness & MOR). She will occassional bolt for the door and chew on anything but her toys!

UPDATE - Hennessy's favorite song is Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction!